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Recipes from a lactose-free kitchen

Lasagne for lunch


Sunday lunch and lasagne was on the menu. This is a favourite of ours and a recipe we've been fiddling about with for a while, although it is fairly straightforward to make it Hannah-friendly!

We normally make enough for four portions (2 for dinner and 2 for lunch during the week). You'll need to make some bolognese sauce. Our current recipe adds chopped bacon, a splash of red wine (if we've a bottle open), and a beef stock cube to the usual garlic, onion, beef mince and tomatoes to make it that little bit more epic! If you want to get some more veg into the meal, you can grate some carrot and cook it with the onion and garlic - no one will ever know!

For the white sauce, we've adapted our recipe from Delia's "classic" rather than the "all-in-one" method. It's been a while since we measured the ingredients out, we usually start with a lump of butter and work from there. We also skip the bit infusing various flavours into the milk, and substitute in Vitalite and either soya or Lactofree milk. We'll use whichever milk is open but can't really taste much of a difference between the two.

Right, now time to layer up! We're not entirely sure how many different methods there are, but we like a bolognese, pasta, white sauce ordering. We try to fit in as many layers as possible (which is usually four), sprinkling the top with a mixture of Lactofree cheese and pecorino (an Italian sheep's cheese, tasting like parmesan). Cook at 190C for 30 minutes.

We serve with salad and garlic bread - we'll post this recipe separately, it's worth waiting for!