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A new discovery: chocolate ravioli!

Chocolate Ravioli

We had pie for dinner (previously blogged about here). Now, you may not feel that's especially relevant but there's always a question about what to do with the leftover pastry. It's never enough to think about freezing it but too much just to throw away. Well, our latest experiment answers that question once and for all. Chocolate ravioli.

The concept is simple, really. Puff pastry for the pasta and chocolate for the meat or cheese filling. Roll whatever pastry you have left after pie making until it is quite thin (definitely less than 1cm). Break some dark chocolate (today we were using Lidl's red-wrapped version) into squares. Place your chocolate squares evenly across half the pastry leaving space in between each to seal and cut your ravioli. Brush around each chocolate square with milk or water then fold over the remaining half of the pastry. Gently press down around each square then either use a knife or a small cookie cutter so separate. Gently press down the edges of each ravioli further and place on baking paper on a tray. Brush with milk and cook for 10-15 minutes at 200C until golden. We served with strawberries and whipped Lactofree cream. Delicious.