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Mint stracciatella ice cream

Mint stracciatella

Our take on the classic mint chocolate chip! It's the taste of childhood (well, for us at least) and is something we've been fiddling about with the recipe for a little while and now we've finally cracked it. We've opted for more of a chocolate swirl rather than chocolate chips.

So, by now you're familiar with our custard base for ice cream. No? Well, it's here. Make that first and chill it. Once cold, add in 250ml of Lactofree cream and 50ml sirope de menthe (we picked this up on our honeymoon in France but it turns out you can also buy it in Waitrose. Churn in ice cream maker as per its instructions. While it's churning, whip up a little chocolate sauce. Melt together chocolate, Vitalite, golden syrup and some milk (Lactofree or soya, both are good). Once the ice cream has churned, transfer into a container to freeze but as you spoon it in, layer with chocolate sauce. Then freeze and enjoy.