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Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries

This one's just a quick update, barely a recipe really but we had to report back on our latest discovery. We've been experiencing a sweet potato obsession for quite a while now, we can't get enough of them; in the oven, in salads, in curries. Well, sweet potato chips have long been a part of our culinary repertoire, we decided to take it up a notch this evening and deep fry them instead. This was partly necessitated by time (our oven takes forever to heat up and we were seriously hungry) but we've often felt that while our sweet potato chips were tasty, they often lacked something that our regular chips did not.

We par-boiled our sweet potatoes (cut into chips) before frying in batches in vegetable oil. The results were divine, although a deep-fat fryer may be a more efficient (and safer way) to make sweet potato fries. We had our fries with a home-made burger (what else, we'll post the recipe for this soon, once we've finished perfecting it), topped with avocado and bacon. Delish!