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Experimental ice-cream: orange and cointreau

Orange and cointreau ice-cream

Making your own ice cream is great; it doesn't take very long, it's not difficult and you can make whatever flavour you like. We've been trying to test out this last point lately. One of the main downsides of not being able to digest dairy (apart from cheese) is no longer being able to eat exiting ice cream when you're out and about. However, since buying an ice cream maker a couple of years back, exciting ice cream can easily be made at home! All you need is to be creative with your flavours. We've made a lot of chocolate based ice cream in the last few weeks so were keen to try something without chocolate, maybe with a little fruit. So, to our normal ice cream recipe (see here for the custard base), we added 2 tablespoons orange juice and 2 tablespoons cointreau before putting in the machine together with 250ml Lactofree cream. This took slightly longer to freeze than normal, which we're putting down to the alcohol, but gives a lovely orange flavour with a little kick. Next time we try this recipe we'll infuse the milk with some orange zest for added zing but for now, we'll enjoy with maybe just a little chocolate sauce...