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Caramel shortbread

Caramel shortbread

This one isn't really a recipe, more some encouragement to try making these Lactofree caramel shortbreads! Caramel shortbread (or millionaire's shortbread) was one of my favourite treats growing up one not the easiest thing to try to recreate in a Hannah-friendly way. There are now some nice (and reasonably convincing) free from alternatives available in supermarkets (this Lazy Days Foods one is my favourite) but there's nothing quite like making it yourself - plus I have no problem eating gluten.

Anyway, I noticed this recipe on the Lactofree website a while ago and have tried it out a number of times with much success. I use a different recipe for the shortbread, largely because I never seem to have any rice flour. The most important bit though is making your own condensed milk as that's what isn't available to buy.

My next test is going to be trying with soya milk to see if it can be vegan. So far I've only tried with Lactofree products.