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Pizza fiorentina

Pizza fiorentina

So by now you probably know how much we love pizza. I mean, we really love pizza. Our latest pizza was a bit of an experiment. Now, one of the best pizza toppings without doubt has to be egg; the taste, the texture, the gooey runny yoke - there's just nothing better! So the obvious choice was pizza fiorentina, a wonderful combination of spinach, cheese and, best of all, egg. We were a little concerned that our fry-then-grill method wouldn't be up to the task but it was, and admirably so.

You can get our pizza dough recipe here. We did amend it slightly this time, using 200g strong bread flour which made enough dough for two full size pizzas with a wonderfully thin base. Make the dough well in advance, giving it plenty of time to prove. Then make up the tomato sauce, grate 150g Lactofree cheese in preparation, and have 50g fresh spinach on stand-by. Heat a frying pan and place a rolled out pizza base in it. Leave to cook for 3 or 4 minutes until the surface starts to bubble then smear with tomato sauce. Cover with raw spinach leaves, leaving space in the middle for the egg. Sprinkle generously with Lactofree cheese before finally cracking one egg carefully into the centre of the pizza. Leave to cook on the heat for a further 1-2 minutes then transfer to a pre-heated grill. Leave under the grill for 6 minutes until the egg is set and the cheese is bubbling.